Pastors, Ministry Leaders and Christian Convention Planners face a big challenge when trying to find great entertainment for their events. You need something not only fun and captivating for all ages but church appropriate as well. Finding a comedian who’s both funny AND clean is no laughing matter. Finding an entertainer who’s both professional AND a Christian with a living faith can be even more difficult!

Bob Cates has been using his clean comedy, champion juggling skills and ability to clearly share the Gospel to assist churches, ministries and faith based conventions full time for over 22 years. Take the stress out of finding the best clean comedy act for your volunteer appreciation night, fundraiser, outreach event, church family event, or convention by booking experienced Christian comedian Bob Cates.

Bob Cates is a Canadian Juggling Champion, clean Christian comedy act and physical variety artist trusted by churches, ministries and parachurch organizations for over 22 years to entertain their audiences without offending them. He keeps audiences laughing with interactive comedy routines involving advanced juggling, wild unicycling and balancing skills, Chinese Yo Yos, black light, lasers, and an insane 21 real plate spinning finale that has to be seen to be believed. The show has headlined for 250 weeks on almost every major cruise line. He’s also performed hundreds of shows for major companies and organizations. Churches and ministries have used the award winning Comedy in Motion show for a wide variety of events and outreaches, for both straight entertainment and also to share the Gospel when appropriate.
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We booked Bob Cates and were not disappointed. The performance was nothing short of spectacular. He connected with the audience both young and old and had them spell bound. He interacted with the audience while seamlessly weaving comedy, juggling and illusion together, and brought members of the audience on stage involving them into his performance. "Comedy In Motion" was exactly that. A delightful fun filled, fast moving, entertaining performance for young and old alike. Bob Cates "brings it" like none other I've seen. We appreciate your ministry and your Gospel emphasis. Our families couldn't stop talking about the show and we are very pleased with the outcome of the evening.

Bethany Community Church, Tim Tulloch

Bob’s ability to juggle is phenomenal, and his ability to engage the crowd with wit and humour and participation in his stunts really takes his performances to another level of excellence. Our audience wasn’t simply spell-bound, they were having a great time with Bob and felt very endeared to him by the end of the show. I have seen Bob perform on other occasions but most of the stunts he performed at our event were new to me and much of his witty interaction with the crowd was right off the cuff. Bob pushes himself to be fresh and innovative and to bring in new elements that his audience will relate to. Off-stage, I have always found Bob very approachable, willing to adapt to our context, and a genuine pleasure to work with. I simply don’t know any other Canadian performers who are on par with Bob.
As a church inviting an entertainer in can be a very challenging proposition. But, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with Bob and his ministry. I highly recommend Bob to you without reservations.

Pastor Ron Rudd

Many thanks Bob for your amazing and hilarious performance at our school's Gala. You were such a hit. Everyone who attended the Gala can't say enough good things about the evening and your performance! You really made this one of the most successful and enjoyable fundraising events that TCS has ever had!

Barb Westerman

The goal of our company is to provide polished, professional, clean, funny and amazing entertainment in a world where many performers are unprofessional, un-funny and have questionable versions of “clean.”

The Comedy in Motion show has garnered praise and rave reviews from a variety of different organizations. Bob was nominated Best Variety Act at the 2014 & 2015 Canadian Comedy Awards. In addition, he was twice nominated Best One Man Show at the 2006 & 2007 Canadian Comedy Awards and Entertainer of the Year 4 times at the Canadian Event Industry Awards. The Molson Canadian FEO Awards twice awarded him Best Entertainer of the Year. Join the thousands of churches, ministries, companies, cruise ships and associations that trusted Bob Cates to take their event over the top. Get a quote today.
Faith based groups are free to use the Comedy in Motion show as they see fit, such as straight entertainment at an event where the focus is just good clean fun. Examples of this might be a volunteer appreciation banquet, fundraiser, first contact community event, youth conventions, or a Christmas banquet.

Bob is a clean comedy entertainer by trade but also desires to glorify God with his talents, and to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Therefore, he also loves to be a part of outreach events where the goal is that the Gospel be clearly shared. For example: UPWARD events, outreach events, youth conventions or evangelistic meetings. In these scenarios, often Bob first performs a one hour show, and then dynamically speaks and shares the gospel for about 15-20 minutes. (Total time is always flexible).

This method allows him to keep the entertainment the entertainment, and the gospel the gospel. This type of outreach show could be described as a “
bring a friend” event and Bob shares the clear Gospel message, explaining Law and Grace. Bob and Jane have been greatly influenced by direct evangelism training from Ray Comfort, Living Waters, and Way of the Master Ministries.

Many churches have booked the Comedy in Motion show as a stand alone event - a self contained evangelistic night for all ages.
...a big draw for ministries wanting high quality, funny entertainment that carries a message.
That man is just plain funny. I was truly entertained.
Leila Paugh, Presbyterian Record

Recommendation from RAY COMFORT

Bob is so amazingly hilarious and entertaining! His combination of comedy and skill is perfect and extremely captivating!
Curtis Rempel, High Valley

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corr. 10:31”

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What is Evangelism?
Excerpt from Chapter 9 of What is a healthy Church by Mark Dever

According to the Bible, Christians are called to care, to plead, and even to persuade unbelievers (2 Cor. 5:11). Yet we are to do so by “setting forth the truth plainly,” which means “renouncing secret and shameful ways” (2 Cor. 4:2).
Evangelism, in other words, is not about doing everything we can to get a person to make a decision for Jesus, much less about imposing our views. Attempting to force a spiritual birth will prove to be as effective as Ezekiel trying to stitch dead, dry bones together to make a person (Ezekiel 37), or as likely as Nicodemus giving himself a new birth in the Spirit (John 3).
Furthermore, evangelism is not the same thing as sharing a personal testimony. It’s not the same thing as presenting a rational defense of the faith. It’s not even doing works of charity, though all three of these things may accompany evangelism. Nor should evangelism be confused with the results of evangelism, as if to say we’ve only successfully evangelized when a conversion follows.
No, evangelism is speaking words. It’s sharing news. It’s being faithful to God by presenting the good news that we discussed in chapter 8 - that Christ, by his death and resurrection, has secured a way for a holy God and sinful people to be reconciled. God will produce true conversions when we present this good news (see John 1:13; Acts 18:9-10). In short, evangelism is presenting the good news freely and trusting God to convert people (see Acts 16:14). “Salvation comes from the Lord” (Jonah 2:9; cf. John 1:12-13).